Our candle making journey began in 2019. Through the wedding planning process, we discovered a passion for candle-making. After receiving numerous compliments about our gifts, we jokingly rumored our business would be 'Whispering Wicks,' reminiscent of the subtle crackle of the wooden wicks we use.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced elevated amounts of stress and anxiety. We turned to creating as an escape from the chaos of the Intensive Care Units (ICU) we worked in as Registered Nurses (RN). Candles always brought solace to our home, whether it was to relax or commemorate a loved one.
We will continue to strive to bring the same emotional impact into your home. While you support us, you support your community. Starting April 2021, we pledge to donate 5% of our sales to a non-profit organization every quarter.
As small as we are, our impact will always be greater.